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How to Add, Update or Remove a Google Business Profile Category

Your Google Business Profile has a number of features that you can edit to help show your profile on Google for topics and searches that that align with your business and how people find you online.

Your primary category is also visible in the local pack, as you can see below.

Your primary category also aligns with similar searches. For example, “Party equipment rental service,” Google may show your business in someone’s local search results when they search for “party supplies”, “birthday party hire” or “balloon shop”.

The category you choose is one of many factors that affects how and when your Google Business Profile will display in Google Search. By choosing the right business category, you could increase your search visibility, customer engagement, and overall online presence.

How To Choose the Best Business Category For Your Business

When deciding which category or categories to choose, pick those that describe your business as a whole and be specific. When you start to enter your category, choose a category from the dropdown that shows up.

If the category you want isn’t available, choose a more general category that still accurately describes your business.
Note: Unfortunately you can’t create your own category. All categories are pre-defined by Google.

Add or Edit Categories on Google Search & Maps

  • Go to your Business Profile
  • To edit your business info:
    • With Google Search, select Edit profile.
    • With Google Maps, select Edit profile Business information.
  • Under “About,” select Business category.
    • To add or edit your primary category: In the “Primary category” box, enter and select the category from the options that show up.
    • To add an additional category: Select Add another category. Then, in the “Additional category” box, enter and select the category you want to add.
  • Select Save.

Need to remove an additional category? Simply click the cross that is next to the category that needs removing and click save.

Google Business Profile Category Changes

Stirling Sky provides bi-monthly updates of categories that have been added, updated, or removed. This list updates categories in the United States, however many of these changes are closely aligned with changes that happen in Australia.

I like to keep an eye on this list for my clients to see if there are any new opportunities for their business.

Another list that that may be of interest when thinking about what categories to choose, is to find a full list of categories available online, such as this one from

Personally, when I look at what categories are best for my clients, I ask them to send me a list of words that best describe their business (in lots of different ways) and I will seek out categories that align as best as they can to these.

Expert Guidance in Planning and Setting up your Google Business Profile

If you have a question about your Google Business Profile or you would like to discuss how Jarrah Digital could help your business be found on Google, please reach out.

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